Kulturhavn's Board of Representatives

Here you can read about Kulturhavn's Board of Representatives.

On behalf of the users/citizens, the Board of Representatives must:

  • Work for involvement and activation of associations and actors. Be a "link" between the festival and actors.
  • Provide input for a continuous development of the festival format.
  • Be a partner for the secretariat.
  • Have submitted budget, accounts and all complaints (in anonymised form) as well as the secretariat's processing of these - in other words, be the citizens' "critical" view of the festival.
  • Assist with practical assistance in connection with the implementation of the festival to the extent possible.

The Board of Representatives consists of:

Max Tobiasen 
Stine Tange 
Jacob Hartmann 
Heidi Jonsdottir 
Anne Sofie Kluge 
Mathias Hesseldahl