Kulturhavn Festival

About Kulturhavn Festival

Kulturhavn is Copenhagen's annual harbor festival. Here we explore the capital's many harbor districts and let ourselves be inspired by the city's diverse cultural and leisure life. The festival is always free and open to everyone.

Kulturhavn is a platform for the city's associations and cultural actors, which provides an opportunity to invite Copenhageners into association-based communities and spread awareness of the city's diverse cultural life. As a festival guest, you can experience everything from performances, concerts to more experimental artworks in the harbor and participate in creative workshops and association activities centered on the harbor, the water and its many possibilities. Kulturhavn Festival is newwe the same, as the program is created by curious, committed and imaginative enthusiasts from the city's cultural and leisure life as well as local entrepreneurs and established organizations.

The Port of Copenhagen is the place where we relax and put our body in motion with both water sports, strength training and winter bathing. The harbor is buzzing with history, sustainable solutions and a city life in perpetual motion. It is alive all year round and contains a rich cultural and natural life with many more possibilities than most people imagine - above, below and at the water surface. That is why the harbor is a part of Kulturhavn's DNA, and why we invite you to experience and discover new sides of the capital's fantastic and very different harbor districts. From the charming Sydhavn over the historic urban spaces of the Inner City to the raw and modern concrete in Nordhavn.

We hope you will discover the harbor with us!

More than 20 years with Kulturhavn Festival 

In 2001, Kulturhavn Festival dropped anchor in the Port of Copenhagen for the first time. Since then, more and more associations and cultural actors have come on board. As the Port of Copenhagen develops year after year, more festival areas have been added and we strive every year to follow the development and the opportunities that the many newly arrived port districts offer. A lot has happened in the harbor and with Kulturhavn Festival since its beginning in 2001, but the love for the Port of Copenhagen and the city's cultural and leisure life is lasting and an eternal driving force for the creation of Kulturhavn Festival.

Kulturhavn all year round

In addition to the two festival days in August, Kulturhavn holds regular events in the Port of Copenhagen in collaboration with the city's actors. The harbor is beautiful and usable all year round. It follows the seasons, is changeable and gives us space for cultural experiences in all kinds of weather.