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Kulturhavn Programme

This year marks the 20 year anniversary for Kulturhavn Festival - and a lot has happened since the very first festival took over Copenhagen harbour all those years ago.

Modern architecture and residencies have found their way to to the waterfront and has contributed to the buzzling life around our beloved harbour. There are now cozy areas for hanging out along the docks, watching the life of the harbour as the boats sail by in the canals. The harbour has become the life and heart of the city, reminding us daily about the environment - as well as providing designates areas for swimming in the harbour and relaxing on the docks by the water.

Just like Copenhagen harbour, Kulturhavn Festival has changes a lot and evolved as new organizations, sports clubs and cultural agents have taken part in the life of the harbour - and this year, Kulturhavn will set a brand new course for our beloved festival!

We will move away from the larger festival areas and instead give life to 27 amazing spots and areas along the harbour, inviting our audience to explore with us and get to know the various things the harbour has to offer in different areas of the city. At each festival location Copenhagen’s unions, environmental organisations, sports clubs, local theatres, artists, musicians and orchestras will be ready with different experiences and activities for everyone.

At you can dive into the programme for this year’s festival which is full to the brim of much needed cultural experiences which will entertain, take you on adventures and explorations, challenge your senses and provide inspiration for your daily life. As always, all activities at Kulturhavn Festival are free!

We’ve been so excited to introduce you to this year’s festival programme and hope you’re just as excited as us! We look forward to seeing you in the harbour on the 27th-29th of August!