Vision & strategy

Kulturhavn's mission is to ensure the framework and to be a spearhead for an inspiring, harbor-oriented culture, association and leisure life.

Kulturhavn's mission is to ensure the framework for an inspiring and harbor-related culture, association- and leisure life. 

Kulturhavn Festival's ambition is to activate the entire Port of Copenhagen and thereby draw attention to the many beautiful areas and opportunities in Copenhagen's blue urban space through art, culture and activities. 

Since 2001, the harbor has developed into a completely different urban space and in order to follow the harbor's development, Kulturhavn Festival must be able to search, stage and spot new and sometimes less well-visited areas of the Port of Copenhagen. By highlighting the less well-visited areas, the harbor's potential can be shown to Copenhageners. 

By being in front and actively demanding and engaging in partnerships with associations, enthusiasts, companies and organizations, Kulturhavn Festival becomes a unique platform and partner that can facilitate and promote exciting cultural, sports and association activities in the harbor. Both the last weekend in August, but also preferably all year round - now and in the future. 

Strategy 2021-2023 

The harbor as a cultural landscape and sports arena 

Kulturhavn Festival is a site-specific event and must therefore first and foremost work with the Port of Copenhagen. The harbor is Kulturhavn's identity and DNA, which activities and co-creators must actively relate to when the festival is planned and curated. 


With the harbor as a focal point, Kulturhavn Festival must take a stand on the work with the port's environment with themes such as biodiversity, water quality, nature protection and use. Kulturhavn must focus on sustainability as part of the festival's activities and program content. 

In addition, Kulturhavn must actively work to reduce the environmental footprint. Therefore, Kulturhavn Festival, for example, wants to work towards a phasing out of one-time service, waste sorting and prevention. 

Open Call 

Kulturhavn Festival wants to support the good harbor life and the Copenhagen harbor culture creators as well as spread the knowledge of Copenhagen's blue urban space. At the same time, Kulturhavn will encourage Copenhageners to help create a diverse cultural and leisure life in the harbor. This requires that the creativity and commitment of actors and citizens meet with trust and financial support. 

Therefore, every year, Kulturhavn Festival invites Copenhageners, associations, cultural and leisure organizations and the business community to an Open Call with the opportunity to apply for financial support for their festival activity.