Meet last year's participants: A different place

Meet some of last year's participants and hear about their activities and experience of being part of Kulturhavn.

Interview with Gitte Bach and Berit Nørgaard from A differnet place

Have you ever found a bottle post? 
With paper, scissors, glue and other creative means, the audience at Kulturhavn created bottle mail badges with secret messages, which they wore on their clothes. Gitte Bach and Berit Nørgaard from the visual art project A different place talk here about the thoughts behind the workshop:

"When you make a bottle post, you send out a message that others can receive, but you don't actually know who the recipient is. There is some poetry behind it. And that's how it is to make a work - you never know who is going to look at it.

In our project, you wear your bottle mail as a badge on your clothes and you can find others wearing the same bottle mail. The message and thought behind the bottle post is what is important. There is a secret and a message in our badges.

There is some recognition in that you can see others around the festival wearing the same badge. And there is something poetic about thinking about what others have written - and perhaps you can get in touch with others by asking them about their bottle mail.

We do not just "create", but visual art, and we always work around a message. Visual art is communication and it's also a post in a bottle. And when you make a small work like a post in a bottle, you are trying to say something to the outside world.

The fact that we are by the sea and that you have to deal with what is to be written in the bottle mail means that a conversation can arise in the family about a subject that you would not otherwise have talked about. In our time, where there are so many screens, it's really good to get out and do something analog and try to be a producer instead of a consumer. And send some things out into the world that you have created yourself.”