Harbour Lab - a joyful day for the whole family

Bring your kids along for a cozy day at Det Blå Støttepunkt in Havneslusen Nord at Sydhavn.

During the day you'll meet Clorofille Naturforening and Materiale Centralen who will teach you about sustainability in a number of fun workshops. Øresundsskolen will also attend and they will be bringing live animals with them from the harbour so the children can have the opportunity of getting to know their characteristics and get to see and examine the animals up close.


Workshop: Algae and edible bubbles with Clorofille Naturforening

Algae is an important part of life in the ocean as they create a lot of biodiversity - but did you know that brown algae is also the main ingredient in the production of alternatives to platic because of their alginic acid? Come along and get to know a whole lot about algea as we make algae scrubs and edible bubbles by using the molecules from alginic acid. There will also be a treasure hunt which will guide the kids through info about algae found in the ocean.

Workshop: Life underneath the surface of the water with Øresundsmiljøskolen

Join in for a workshop where you get to touch the various animals living underneath the water surface in Copenhagen harbour and learn about them and their habitat. At the workshop you can also create you very own crab catcher and get to go fishing for crabs in the harbour!

Workshop: Plastic in the harbour with Foreningen Materiale Centralen

In this workshop children get to learn all about plastic and microplastics as well as how they end up in our oceans. You'll learn about how to upcycle discarded plastic for new purposes and get to create your very own fantastic and futuristic creature from the sea!

How to find your way:

The event is held at Det Blå Støttepunkt, which is located on the path between Ved Slusen and Nokken in Sydhavnen. There will be signs on site to show you the way.


Det blå støttepunkt/Havneslusen Nord - Ved Slusen, 2300 København S

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