Open debate and conversation: When the water rises in the harbour

Large parts of Copenhagen are built on filled sea - So it's not a new idea to build into the water - But is it still a good idea? Artist, Christian Liljedahl, invites to debate and conversation about the many construction projects in the port.

There are many opinions about whether it is good or bad to build more in the Port of Copenhagen. Different actors have different agendas. And figuring out what's fact, what's fear, and what's mirage can sometimes be a pretty muddy affair.

Come and give your opinion on the matter when Christian Liljedahl presents different angles on a number of imagined future scenarios, such as:

  • What will we do when the water rises 2 meters in 2050?
  • 2000 people move to Copenhagen every month. Where are they going to live?

The good points and questions will be gathered together during the day, and later passed on to the various organizers in the port - in an attempt to get some answers back.

Bring the children

As part of the event, it will also be possible to participate in an open workshop where children can build their own city in a large sandbox at Frederiks Brygge. But just like in reality, there are occasional storm surges - so be prepared to get wet when the water rises


Festivalpladsen: Frederiks Brygge

Kulvej 8, 2450 København SV

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