Os Om Havet - Clean Up Fisketorvet KBH

Come and help collect garbage by Fisketorvet the 27th of August. At the clean-up event you can meet professionals, volunteers and entrepreneurs - who's all a part of Os om Haven and who's passionate about cleaning up the ocean.

At the clean-up event you can also meet Os Om Havet's biologist, who will explain about the oceanlife thats under the serface. For the curious kids and adults, you can get all close and personal with fish, starfish, crabs and other fun stuff hiding in the habour. 

You can also also meet the people behind Copenhagen Cartel, who's bringing their cosy pop-up van, where you can see all their sustainable collections. You can even enjoy a vegan banana cake or vegan chocolate truffles, which is all made from leftover banana - from Banana Cph. 

Today program

10:00-10:30: Welcome/Briefing
10:30-11:30: Brief for the divers. Hop in the diving eqiupment, in a kayak or borrow a grabber. 
11:30-13:30: Collect garbage
13:30-14:00: Guide sort the garbage. At last we all get together and find out how many kilos of garbage we've collected and there will be prizes! At 13:30 there will also be dissection of a fish for the curious. 
14:00-15:00: Enjoy the sun with free dessert from Banana Cph, and/or a well deserved free glass of wine from The Hidden Sea, or a nice refreshing soda.

We meet by the habour side of Fisketorvet. Here we'll be collecting garbage both under and over the surface of the ocean. 

ARE YOU DIVING?If you're diving or free diving during the clean-up, you have to sign up. 
Note, that if you are a diver, you have to have experience with cold water and have been diving in the last 12 months. All dives will be on your own without guides. 

NOTE! Sign up will close when maximum have been reached, otherwise last day for signing up is the 25th of august at 12 PM.

Do you free dive are you more than welcome. Sign up for free diving requires experience or certification. For safety reasons Os Om Havet will assess each sign up induvidual.
No sign up required if you're not diving! 

Du kan også give en hånd med fra land. Os Om Havet stiller affadsgrabbers, handsker, indsamlingsnet og metalmagneter til rådighed til dem, der ønsker at fiske og samle affald fra kanten. Alle er velkomne – både børn og voksne.


Havnebadet Fisketorvet - Kalvebod Brygge 55, 1560 København V

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