The cleaning lady - a freshly scented childrens theatre

Experience a fun childrens theatre performance told through brushes, cloths, soap and other tools and scented objects for cleaning one's home.

The performance 'Rengøringskonen' is a free interpretation of the folklore fairytale 'The Fisherman and his Wife' by the Brothers Grimm.

In the fairytale we'll meet a poor fisherman and his wife who live in a little hut by the sea shore. One day the fisherman catches an enchanted flounder and because of his good heart he releases the flounder back into the sea. As a thank you, the flounder fulfills numerous of his wishes, making the fisherman and his wife happy.

But somehow, the wife seems to be impossible to satisfy and keeps wishing for more. Will she ever have all her wishes fulfilled?

The performance is presented by Theatre Asta Basta.
Idea, development, performance and scenography: Karina Nielsen
Director: Josef Krofta


Festivalpladsen: Frederiks Brygge

Kulvej 8, 2450 København SV

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