Who threw me into the harbour? - Street theatre for kids

Engage in a conversation about trash in the harbour, when the artist group Kunst ud til Folket pays us a visit at Kulturhavn Festival.

Who are the ones throwing trash in the harbour of Copenhagen? Perhaps you'll learn the answer here, when Kunst ud til Folket invites children and playful
souls to join them for a humouristic and engaging street theatre performance at Frederiks Brygge.

The artist group will bring a clever machine with them which is able to make objects such as rusty old beer cans, plastic waste and old bicycles speak.

Together we will fish out the trash from the harbour - and who knows? Perhaps we might be lucky that the trash caught in our nets has a special story to tell!


Festivalpladsen: Frederiks Brygge

Kulvej 8, 2450 København SV

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