Taste the world in the Copenhagen harbor

This year, you can taste the food from the social-economic enterprise "Send Flere Krydderier" when there is a community kitchen at the harbor on both Saturday and Sunday.

When hunger strikes after you've listened to music on the floating stage, been on a sailing trip, or practiced yoga, you can buy food from "Send Flere Krydderier," a social-economic enterprise that operates two eateries in Nørrebro.

The company employs women with minority ethnic backgrounds who have otherwise been outside the Danish job market. The food reflects the diverse group of employees, who create dishes from their home countries. As a result, you'll experience food with many different flavors and ingredients.

Community and Community Kitchen

According to Line Hørlück Eriksen, Program Manager at the Kulturhavn Festival, it's not a coincidence that "Send Flere Krydderier" is serving the food this year.

"At Kulturhavn Festival, we want to provide the audience with good and unique cultural experiences, and that certainly applies to the food they'll be eating. It should be an experience that goes beyond simply satisfying the stomach. That's why we've chosen 'Send Flere Krydderier' to host a community kitchen at the festival, both at Teglholm Brygge and Orientkaj," she explains, adding:

"'Send Flere Krydderier' has a larger message than just cooking. Both in their approach to menus and employees, there's great diversity, space, and patience. This openness towards different people aligns well with the Kulturhavn Festival, where we also strive to create spaces for immersion and communities across many types of people, both in activities and when we dine together at long tables."

The menu is simple, so guests can experience sharing the same food, much like at a community kitchen.

Menu at Kulturhavn Festival:

Hummus platter with bread, salad & crispy toppings DKK 75,-

Pakoras, chili chutney & pointed cabbage salad DKK 75,-

Feta rolls with coriander and mango, quinoa salad & papadums DKK 75,-

Dahl with fried rice & pointed cabbage salad DKK 85,-

Spicy Moroccan-inspired chocolate cake DKK 25,-

Water, soft drinks, draft beer, wine, coffee, and tea.

Who is Send Flere Krydderier?

"Send Flere Krydderier" is a catering and café business that originates from the NGO Diversity Works.

"Send Flere Krydderier" is a registered social-economic enterprise, which means that in addition to running catering and cafés, it creates job opportunities for minority ethnic women who have been outside the Danish job market.

The company operates two eateries in Nørrebro - one in the Union cultural center at Nørre Allé 7 and another in Nørrebrohallen at Den Røde Plads.

The name "Send Flere Krydderier" (Send More Spices) comes from the fact that women who arrived in Denmark in the 80s and 90s asked their families back in their home countries to send more spices to Denmark. At that time, it wasn't as easy as it is today to get hold of spices and ingredients like ginger and mint.