Open Call


Open call 2023 is closed!


Be part of the program at the Kulturhavn Festival on the last weekend in August.

Send your application before 21 April 2023.

The planning of the Kulturhavn Festival 2023 is started and that means you have the opportunity to send an application to be included in this year's program on the 26th-27th. August.

Kulturhavn Festival brings art, culture and movement to Copenhagen Harbour. Over two days, we dive into the city's blue-green oases with cultural experiences that give the audience a new view of the harbor.

In 2023, we will take our guests on a discovery tour at Teglholm Brygge in Sydhavn on Saturday 26 August and Orientkaj st. in Nordhavn on Sunday 27 August. We fill both the festival spaces with performances and exciting activities on the quay and in the water, which are free for everyone to participate in - see maps of the city spaces below.

Kulturhavn Festival is a platform where you can meet an audience interested in culture, test new projects, meet other cultural creators and explore the blue urban space as a stage for your activity or performance. There is room for many different formats and forms of activity on our open festival sites - but they all have in common that they involve the harbor - artistically, physically or thematically.

If you have a good idea for the program, don't hesitate to send us an application!

We encourage you to read the criteria and guidelines thoroughly before sending your application. If you have questions or need advice about your idea or application, you are very welcome to contact our program manager, Line Hørlück Eriksen, on tel. 24206768 or email

Guidelines for applications

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Criteria for activities

In order to create a coherent program and the best experience for our audience, activities at Kulturhavn Festival must meet the following criteria:

  • The activity must have a relationship with the port
  • The activity must be open and free for everyone
  • The activity must be carried out on 26 and/or 27 August within the festival's opening hours: Saturday at 10:00-18:00 and Sunday at 10:00-17:00. All activities must basically take place or start/end at our two festival sites at Teglholm Brygge (Saturday) and Orientkaj st. (Sunday).

That means

The activity must have a relationship with the harbour: Kulturhavn is a festival that takes place in the blue urban space along the harbor and which celebrates the fact that we have a harbor full of creative and recreational opportunities. We want this reflected in our program through activities that have a relationship with the harbor - physically, artistically or thematically.

These can be activities where you invite the audience to use their bodies around the harbor area or in the harbor basin. Or a site-specific performance that involves the surroundings and takes elements from the harbor as a point of departure. You can also think of themes that can be linked to the harbor and include them in your workshop, excursion or something else entirely.

Open and free: We want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to experience culture in the harbour. That is why all activities at Kulturhavn are free and open to everyone. We therefore do not support activities that are private or require admission on the ticket, but in some cases we support activities that require advance registration.

Values ​​we work with in our festival programme

... and which we therefore consider when processing the applications.

Environmental and social sustainability: Kulturhavn Festival values ​​content that actively relates to a sustainability agenda. It could, for example, be based on or inspired by the UN's sustainability goals, where both biodiversity, circular economy, inclusion and anti-discrimination are on the agenda.

In connection with your activity, we would like to encourage you to follow our ambition to move the festival in a more sustainable direction. We want, among other things, a festival that is free of disposable packaging and we would also like to see this represented in your activities.

Innovative form and framework: Kulturhavn's vision is to inspire Copenhageners to use and experience the harbor in new ways. Activities at Kulturhavn Festival can therefore be assessed in their innovative thinking in relation to form, framework and inclusion of the blue urban space.

Audience-engaging activities: In order to create a present festival, we emphasize content where festival-goers can actively participate in the activity. It can, for example, be with a workshop, an audience-engaging performance or guided tours in and around the harbour.

Pop-up events and excursions

We want as many people as possible to experience the fantastic activities on the programme. Therefore, as a starting point, all activities must take place or start and end at our festival sites.

If you want to do a pop-up event during Kulturhavn Festival, it can be done if you have your own location available. It could be, for example, an open house in your club or an event at a location that your activity is already connected to. Just be aware that you yourself must be responsible for the set-up and production of your event.

Alternatively, we would like activities at locations other than our two festival sites to be an excursion that starts and ends at either Teglholm Brygge (Saturday) or Orientkaj st. (Sunday).

If you have a special place in Sydhavn or Nordhavn that just has to be experienced by our audience, an excursion may therefore be the way forward. Finally, contact our program manager, Line Hørlück Eriksen, who is ready to discuss pop-up events and excursions from our festival sites.

Tel. 24206768 E-mail SX7Q@KK.DK

Who can apply?


Anyone with a cool event or a good idea can send us an application. Whether you are part of an association, group, organization, company or private person.

Kulturhavn Festival does not endorse commercial, religious, party political or illegal activities.

When can I send my application?

You can send your application today! The deadline for sending an application is 21 April 2023 at 23.59.

Kulturhavn Festival stands for

When you participate in the Kulturhavn Festival, you become part of a larger festival site. Here we make sure that the basic festival framework is in place - including a festive atmosphere, electricity, food stalls, toilets, light catering for actors and a lot of culture- and port-loving guests. As a harbor festival, we also have a floating stage where there is room for musical and artistic elements.

In addition, Kulturhavn provides all backlining for performances – including equipment, microphones and sound man.

Kulturhavn is an outdoor festival. We therefore strive to create the best conditions in case of wind and weather. If your activity requires a larger set-up or a special form of rain protection, we recommend that you contact us before sending an application so that we can discuss the options.

Kulturhavn Festival is also responsible for marketing both in the urban space, digitally and in the press, as well as through the festival's partners.

Seek financial compensation for your activity

If there are costs for material, transport or fees in connection with your activity/performances, you have the option of applying to Kulturhavn for financial compensation together with your application. Here it is a requirement that you attach a budget of expenses to the application form.

There are no requirements for funding from other sources and there are no restrictions on how much can be applied for from others.

Compensation can be sought for: Rent or purchase of equipment, transport and fees.

We do not support: Catering to guests, inappropriate use of resources, general operating costs and merchandise.

When will I receive a response to my application?


We process applications immediately after the deadline on 21 April at 23.59. We expect to be able to respond to an application within 3 weeks of the deadline.

Who processes the applications?

A committee has been set up for our Open Call, which processes applications on the basis of the set criteria and an overall assessment of the overall programme.

The committee consists of:

Signe Sander, Culture and Leisure Østerbro 

Jakob Andersen, Culture and Leisure Vesterbro and Kgs. Enghave

Lars Anker Angantyr, Urban Development and Facilities, Center for Cultural and Leisure Activities

Trine Søe, Communication, Center for Cultural and Leisure Activities